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ShiftEdit Moves to GoGrid Grid-Server Hosting

We’re done moving ShiftEdit to its new home on GoGrid. GoGrid’s a great new hosting company in beta. They are a great fit for us. Using their web-based interface, we’ve set-up completely virtualized servers running in a grid configuration. Think Amazon EC2, but a heck-of-a-lot easier for Windows Servers and with a load balancer ;)

As well as running redundant virtual servers, if we have a big live blog coming up *cough, Apple keynote, cough, cough* we can scale up quickly by popping in more servers as needed.

So don’t go DDoSing us just yet, but we are now running on a much stronger architecture that will grow as we do. Hurrah, for virtual servers! :)


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5 Responses to “ShiftEdit Moves to GoGrid Grid-Server Hosting”

  1. Trent says:


    I’m thinking about moving my websites over to

    Have you had any down time so far?
    Any complaints about goGrid?

    Thanks – Trent

  2. Jonathan says:

    @Trent: In 2 weeks I’ve been with GoGrid, I’ve had downtime 3 times on 2 of my servers. Luckily, each time only one of my load-balanced machines when down so the site stayed up, but it was definitely scary. For 4 hours of downtime I received 400 CPU-hour credits based on their SLA.

    I talked to their support people (who are super friendly and knowledgeable) and they explained that they were hitting some hardware limit on the networks in their grid.

    I guess the bottom-line is that they are definitely still Beta, and with lots of people signing up, they are not going to be as stable right now as a traditional colocation host. However, they are run by ServePath, a pretty big hosting company, so I hope they iron out the kinks soon.

    They have a big Grid software release coming near the end of April which will unlock a lot of cool features too ;)

    So definitely try out their pay-as-you-go plan and see what they’re about. But if you need guaranteed uptime, you’ll probably want to wait until they are out of Beta.

  3. Trent says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I did signup for their pay as you go. It looks impressive. I will tread lightly for now as I run a web design / hosting company and cannot afford any downtime.

    Sometime ago I looked at MOSSO hosting but they had way too many problems with their system. I think the grid is a great concept but I’m not confident that all the kinks have been worked out.

  4. Trent says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    I just wanted to check back in and see how GoGrid is working out for you. Anymore downtime? Would you recommend moving production web applications to GoGrid at this point?

    Thanks – Trent

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