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WWDC08 starts today on ScribbleLive

The Apple Worldwide Developer Conference kicks off today. It’s our first Apple keynote for ScribbleLive, our new liveblogging site, and we’re excited to already see lots of people on there getting their liveblogs ready for the conference. T-3 hours to the Apple Keynote, and our traffic is already climbing. It’s great to see bloggers from North America, Italy and Spain starting to login. I hope you guys have a great time at WWDC and using ScribbleLive! Remember, the keynote gets started at 1pm EDT/10am PDT.

In preparation for the traffic, we’ve armored our servers with the Akamai Content Distribution Network, on top of our GoGrid cloud computing servers. For a bootstrap startup, that’s about as much muscle we can throw at it :) If there are any problems, we can throw another few servers online. “Morrrre power!”

If you’re visiting ScribbleLive for the first time this week, the WWDC08 aggregator page will be pulling in all the WWDC content from the site into one place, so if you’re looking for a jumping off point, check that out. From there, there are links to all the individual WWDC08 live events if you want to check them out in their entirety.

Hope everyone has fun at WWDC08 and happy liveblogging!


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