Jonathan Keebler builds liveblogging console for Le Web ’08

Wow, I’m really impressed by what the guys have built to cover Le Web ’08 today. They put the ScribbleLive embed alongside the video stream of the event. It looks great and they have some great running commentary of the event.

Nice job guys! It’s great to see ScribbleLive taking on more of a roll as a platform for liveblogging, a focus we will continue to develop this month with the launch of our whitelabel product and a major redesign. Happy liveblogging!

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One Response to “ builds liveblogging console for Le Web ’08”

  1. berlinblase says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for mentioning us! We’re having fun once again, bubbling webby stuff from Paris. But could we ask some questions, … eerrrr feature requests? ;-) If we missed some options that are already on please forgive our bubbliness.

    - allow a Twitter feed to be blended in?
    - interprete graphics URLS (*.jpg, *.png from Flickr p.e.) as viewable pics right away, see implementation on
    - option to open posted links in separate new tabs
    - embed videos by interpreting video URLs (see coveritlive)

    Great tool anyhow, we’ll be following any news, all the best!
    The bubblers