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ScribbleLive + mesh09 = liveblogging BFFs

I’ve been working on an Enterprise liveblogging site for mesh this week and tonight we’re officially opening it up to the public. I’m really digging the green headers ;) Check out the new site at and the announcement on our new company blog!

This will be my third year going to the mesh conference, and I’m not a super fan of most conferences. I’ve been liveblogging mesh since mesh07 when I started a minor flamewar with a music exec :D In a lot of ways, the old-school way I did the liveblogging was one of the catalysts for ScribbleLive. The ScribbleLive Beta was literally launched the night before mesh08 and about 36 hours before the TechCrunch article. I’ll always look back fondly at past mesh conferences and I’m really excited to be an official part of this one.

I’m going to checkout meshU for the first time too, because who am I kidding, I’m a super nerd.

If you’re going (there’s still time to buy tickets), come say hi if you see me around! I’ll be the guy liveblogging the hell out of every session I can with Michael ;)

mesh liveblogging site powered by ScribbleLive

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One Response to “ScribbleLive + mesh09 = liveblogging BFFs”

  1. Andre says:

    Woot! See u at MeshU…