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ScribbleLive: Changing the game of live blogging

The Next Web had a great article today about how news organizations used ScribbleLive to cover the G20 and some of our new features. Our mobile features (apps, voicemail, SMS) are real game-changers when it comes to how reporters can report the news in real-time.

The reason that we’re talking about ScribbleLive today is two-fold. First off, it’s an impressive platform. It truly does what no other single solution has been able to do. The second reason is that this is a re-launching, of sorts, and ScribbleLive is announcing a few features that are going to be huge.

  • BlackBerry application
  • SSL protection for incoming transmission from iPhone and BlackBerry
  • Twitter importing with advanced filters for links, length, etc.
  • Syndication across multiple properties

The greatest part? It does all of this while still playing nicely with other CMS platforms.

I could literally go on for hours telling you about the features of ScribbleLive and how important it is for news reporting sites, but the best bet is to give it a look for yourself. The people behind ScribbleLive are passionate, and that passion shines through in their product.

(quote via TNW)

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