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New Intro Video for ScribbleLive

I think we’ve found a new intro video for ScribbleLive ;)

(Video by Vipid)

Chili con carnie

“One chili con carnie, please”

clown bowl
(by B = still working on a good pseudonym)

TSN’s Best Headline Ever: Blue Jays Go Deep Four Times in Pounding of Twins

For many years, CityNews has been the undisputed leader for (unplanned) hilarious headlines, but I think TSN’s got the lead today :) This has to be a joke, right? There’s no way that’s by accident. Someone’s quitting today, right?

TSN headline
(Thanks Idiot)

IE6 Splash Pages: I hate you 2002!

It’s always fun to openly mock people with old web-browsers :) Of course, in reality, they probably work on a very locked-down computer in a bank or something, but saucy developers don’t care. We are a bitter bunch, hopped up on caffeine and cookies. That’s why we’re a devil with the ladies ;)

Overly Judgemental IE6 Splash Pages
IE6 Splash page
(via Jay)

Personalized Diva Cup

Looking for a present for that special lady in your life? How about getting her a personalized diva cup.

Some of us are Born to be Divas. Declare it so with this one of a kind Diva Cup. Get the Diva in you, or the Diva you know

Wow, they will even personalize the cup with your name on the rim!

If you don’t know why this is hilarious, you probably should have paid attention in Health-class a little more…if you’re like 15. Otherwise, they probably didn’t exist when you were in Health-class. I wish they had refresher courses. I’m always forgetting which is the vas deferens.

Diva cup

Mommy, mommy, what are those balloon bunnies doing? (with out-takes)

I guess this is a new ad campaign from Durex. From now on, I will always have Vietnam-style flashbacks to these ads when I hear the sound of balloons rubbing against each other.

And yes, I realize those are not balloons :)

The out-takes:

(thanks to mad for the tip…har har)

Bye bye bush, ladies ;)

This ad from Ritual spa is quite possibly the most brilliant advertising for a Brazilian bikini wax I have ever seen. And trust me, it’s a tough thing to advertise. You can’t really say, “less v**va rippage than our competitors,” now, can you?…Ok, that just put a horrible image in my own brain. I am very tempted not to hit the “Publish” button on this post but here we are. Enjoy! :)

Bye bye bush brazilian wax
(tip from mad)

Funny Facebook Favicon

I was playing around with my profile picture on Facebook today. They are all served from I noticed something a little strange: check out the favicon for that server. WTF is that?! Some football/soccer player with some woman?! I think one of their web-developers was having a little fun ;)

Facebook favicon

F**k You, Penguin (and other assorted animals)

Totally credit goes to Polly for finding this awesome blog, Fuck You, Penguin. Basically, it’s a guy that gives a “good talking to” to cute animals (yes, there really are two “to”s in that sentence – woah, there are now 4 to’s…omg! There’s another one! Stop now!).

All the power to this guy. Cute animals have been getting a free ride for far too long. It’s time someone knocked them down to size. I hope he does Sandy Cohen next :D

You know, Wombat, all I do is love you. But is that good enough for you? No, you have to look at wombats in magazines and ask, “Why can’t I look like that?” Well, I’m not here to boost your ego, I’m here to have a life with you. SO STOP FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS, WOMBAT. I’m tired of you pretending like you’re not standing there with your cute little fat nose and pudgy legs. And what would I want with a fucking attention whore like that anyway? Sure, I was looking, anyone would look. But seriously, Wombat, you’re making a scene. You know what? Don’t call me any more.


Turret Horse

Two of the greatest things in my life have to be horses and driving like a maniac in Halo 3…omg….I was going to write this whole post about how some idiot I know wanted to mount a turret on my real-life horse (and decided to make a diagram to help us design the apparatus), but the sad truth of my life has made me want to jump off the balcony. So instead, I will simply state that West Coast is a good song :D “……AHHHHHHAHHHHHH PACK UP YOUR BAGS TO BEAT BACK THE CLOCK…SHOULD I LET HER SLEEP OR SHOULD I WAKE HER UP…..

turret horse