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I don’t think iTunes Ping quite understands my musical tastes

I think I’m finally paying the price for buying that Katy Perry ringtone :)

The Rifles are an (elastic) band

I have listened to The Rifles 176 times according to my musical spies at, and I just realized I really know nothing about the band. So instead of spending literally dozens of seconds researching them before writing a blog entry, I am going to simply state some simple facts I know:

  • they have accents. I’m going to guess they are from New Zealand

That is all.


Get down with the party kitty

I’m not sure where this random German dude on got this cat, but I’m totally rocking out with him while I listen to a most excellent playlist. And yes, it was very difficult to not make a joke about a vag1na.

Bouncing kitty

The Phoenix Rises (or other appropriate funny title)

These days I listen almost exclusively to radio at work which has been quietly suggesting tracks it thinks I would like for the past few months. Today I was rocking out when I finally looked at the name of the band: Phoenix. I looked them up on my chart and without me even knowing their name, they’ve steadily climbed up to one of my top spots. I literally cannot sit still when I hear ‘Armistice’ come on, and by not sitting still I mean I bop in my chair. My chair doesn’t have a lot of spring-action, so it really is harder than you think. Either way, listen to this track and thank me when you break your chair ;)

Karen O wants me to see her vagina

I’m not sure why Karen O wants me to see her vagina, but she keeps putting it out there. I’m sure it’s perfectly nice but really, I like to be wined-and-dined a little before it gets to that stage of our relationship. Not that I can’t appreciate a good muff, but it’s like 1:30 in the afternoon, I just ate a Turkey Caesar from Quiznos, and it’s just not the right time. You can try again later, like maybe at 8pm, but still I’d like to start with a couple beers or something. You know, I’m not that picky, but you’re a pretty famous singer and everything, so if I could get some band pins or something. OH! Could you sing Maps for me, and replace the word “Maps” with “Keebler”? ‘Cause that would be awesome. Then I will totally check out your vagina.

Yeah (Yeah Yeah) this cover rocks!

I know many of you don’t know what me and my friends look like, but I assure you this is very close to what it looks (and what happens) when we all hang out :)

And now for your enjoyment, a cover of ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps’ sung entirely a cappella.

(Thanks to Chancellor for the tip)

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Hard to Live In The City

I heard this song from Albert Hammond, Jr. (guitar guy for The Strokes) when I was watching ‘Gossip Girl’ yesterday. Am I crazy, or is it a pretty sweet track? And please don’t tell me, “Common, we’ve all been listening to this for the past year” ;)

Albert Hammond, Jr. – Hard to Live In The City (LISTEN)

Albert Hammond, Jr.