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ScribbleLive Mobile 1.2 for iPhone in AppStore!

The next version of ScribbleLive Mobile for iPhone is now available in the AppStore. With this version, it’s even easier to view all your company’s events. Just choose your client under “User Settings”, and you’ll see a new area appear on the home screen when you see everything your fellow employees are working on. If you have permissions to write, moderate or administer their events, you will now have the same permissions as online.

You asked for it, so we built it: you can now caption your media (images, audio or video) directly from the iPhone app as well. Describe your images with a caption to give them more context. You’ll be prompted whenever you post media.

Now you can even publish your events to multiple websites right from the creation screen in the app. If you change your mind later, you can change those settings in the “Admin” area of an event.

As well as these changes, there’s a bunch of bug fixes in this version. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, or via Support.

Download 1.2 (more screenshots)

ScribbleLive Mobile

5 Things I’ve Learned Building a BlackBerry App


We’re getting ready to launch a BlackBerry App, and it’s definitely been a learning process; mostly because I use an iPhone day-to-day. “Two action buttons? Are you crazy?” Here are 5 things I learned going through the process that will hopefully help fellow iPhone people making the same journey:

  1. Blackberrys have a Back button: don’t forget that people should be able to back out of any menu, and undo any entry.
  2. Don’t try to do anything fancy with graphics: there are a lot of screen dimensions. Simple forms work best.
  3. Edge data is slow. Don’t expect latency to the server like on an iPhone 3GS.
  4. Menus open in the middle when you hit the Blackberry key: the middle of the menu is what appears first. Put your most important actions in the middle and work your way out.
  5. I.T. departments can control what gets installed on company phones: if you’re catering to business clients, don’t assume they’ll be able to install your app without getting I.T.’s blessing.

At the end of the day, Blackberrys work the way they work; don’t get mad at them for working differently from iPhones. Their users like them, and it’s up to you to learn their conventions, not force your own on them. Oh, and don’t complain to Blackberry users about the tiny keyboards or you’ll be drawn into a 15 minute debate ;)

Download podcasts right to your iPhone 2.2

The iPhone 2.2 update was mainly just a bug-fix release from what I can tell. But one feature it did bring was the ability to download podcasts right on your iPhone, which is awesome! I use MobileMe to keep my iPhone synced, so there really is no reason for me to ever connect my iPhone to my laptop except maybe to upload some music from time-to-time. I have to admit, I’ve pretty much stopped listening to podcasts since I got the iPhone because I can’t be bothered to dig up the wire to do the sync.

With the 2.2 update that came this week, you can now download the latest from your favorite podcasts right through on the phone. Just go to and search for the podcast you want. Unfortunately it isn’t smart enough to make it download the latest from the podcasts you already listen to. Anyhow, when you get there there’s now a “Download” button. One click will start the download, which will even continue if you close the When the download is done, you’ll see the podcast in the (you guessed it) “Podcasts” area of the

This update is probably the death-knoll of, but for the rest of us, we can all breath a collective sigh of “FINALLY!!!!!!” :)

XBMC iPhone Remote battles for control of my living-room

I have to admit, my XBMC (Unofficial Xbox Media Center) hasn’t been getting much use since I got an Xbox 360 and installed Connect360 on my Mac. Besides only having one HDMI port on my TV, the Xbox 360 is just so much slicker to use. After playing a game, I can just pop-over to the Media section, see all the videos on my Mac, and start playing them. But I definitely miss some of the features of the XBMC. It was so easy to watch YouTube videos, check the weather, watch DivX natively, etc.

Enter: The XBMC iPhone Remote. Similar to the Apple TV/iTunes remote, this iPhone app lets you control your XBMC over wifi. Check out the interface in these screenshots for finding media. Slick, really slick.

At the end of the day, the Xbox 360 probably has a permanent home in my living room. But this app just might have given my XBMC a new home on my second TV ;)

Make SkypeOut calls from your iPhone

It’s already a given that I’ll sell my soul for the first iPhone application to allow me to make SkypeOut calls from my iPhone. I make a lot of long distance calls and I have to run home to a landline because cellphone long-distance plans in Canada are so insanely expensive (if you wonder why I have a landline in the first places, it’s a long story involving my building’s buzzer).

Well, the day has come :D fring now has an iPhone app that includes Skype integration. It’s definitely Beta, so only try it if you have a strong geek stomach, but it works!

Some quick tips if you’re making SkypeOut calls like me. Make sure to prepend “001″ to all the numbers you call e.g. 001-416-555-1234. Also, there’s no way to make touch-tone sounds during a call, so you can’t use any touch-tone phone service (damn, no ordering pizzas). But give these guys a few more weeks and I’m sure they’ll get it.

Anyhow, another amazing app for the iPhone. Huzzah! :D

(Thanks fuzzz)